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Air Conditioning in Yarra Glen

Do you require a heating and cooling specialist in Yarra Glen to assist you with your Air Conditioning needs to make your home comfortable? Here at dualheating.com.au, we value new clients from Yarra Glen, and the surrounds and have been helping local residents and businesses instal Air Conditioning solutions for 40 years now we are well positioned to help you with expert advice and reliable service. We offer a range of specialist HVAC services for your total peace of mind. Our heating and cooling supply and installaton services in Yarra Glen range from Ducted Heating, Refrigerated Air Conditioning to Evaporative Cooling. Our Free Measure and Quote services enables you to actively participate in a review of your Air Conditioning requirements. Book ad Free Measure and Quote Today ! Related services:Refrigerated,Ducted Cooling,Wall Split Systems,Sales,Cooling Systems,Add on Cooling,Installation,Add On

Add-on Cooling

Add-on cooling uses the heating systemís ductwork and heater fan to push the cool, dehumidified air throughout your home. The cool air is recirculated and continuously filtered to remove dust and dirt particles.
As a refrigerated cooling system requires increased airflow, the ductwork needs to be sized and insulated accordingly.
Please let us know if you intend to add cooling at a later date so we can set up your heating system to suit.
The price of adding on air conditioning to your existing heating system varies depending on the size of your heating unit, and starts at around $4500.



Hi-Wall Split Air Conditioners

Designed to allow for the maximum use of floor space for furniture and fittings, the indoor section of the hi-wall split air conditioner fits neatly onto the wall. The outdoor section can be mounted on a flat roof, on the ground or on a wall bracket. Having the compressor located outside minimises the noise inside your home.
Choose from single split air conditioners or a multi head system, where a number of indoor units can be run off the one compressor.
Call us now to assess your requirements.



Ducted Reverse Cycle Air conditioning

With a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system, climate control is at the touch of a button. Warm, even heat during winter and clean cool air during summer.
The indoor fan coil unit is positioned out of sight in either the ceiling space or under the floor. The outdoor unit that provides the power is positioned outside your home.
Cool or warm air is ducted quietly into each room, before being filtered and returned to the indoor fan coil unit via the return air grille.
Choose from conventional fixed speed systems or from the technologically advanced inverter systems.
The inverter system gently increases or decreases power to suit the prevailing conditions, reaching the desired temperature quicker, more efficiently and without severe temperature fluctuations.

We offer the following brands: Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Toshiba, Rhinnai, York and Panasonic

Multi Split Air Conditioning Systems

For greater versatility, our inverter multi-split system models feature an innovative design that allows up to 8 indoor units to be connected to a single outdoor unit.

The Multi-Split system allows up to eight wall mounted, ducted, floor mounted or ceiling cassette indoor unit heat pumps of different capacities to be operated from a single outdoor unit. This makes it an economic answer in multi-room applications.

We offer the following brands: Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Toshiba, Rhinnai, York and Panasonic

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Air Conditioning - Yarra Glen

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